"A child's life should be filled with wonder, discoveries and adventure"
Through age appropriate learning experiences and opportunities GCIS aims to inculcate in children a desire to play, explore, experience, inquire ,learn, not just in the classroom , but at all times, making it an on-going process through life thus creating a life-long love for learning. GCIS strives to foster in the students a sense of value and appreciation, first and foremost for his/ her own culture, tradition and heritage as well as of what is good in other cultures. The values that guide us are integrity, responsibility, empathy, sustainability, peace, equity, community and trust. Education at GCIS is child centric and every child acquires knowledge, values and life skills. The school endeavours to provide for holistic development by providing wide range of learning experiences.

Learners are engaged in Project Based Learning, reference work, content presentation, field trips, club activities, co curricular and extra-curricular activities all of which exposes them to the world of knowledge, foster creativity and equip them to face the odds of this ever challenging world. The School intends to get affiliated to CBSE [Central Board for Secondary Education] and CIE [Cambridge International Examination].Currently the school is approved by Tamil Nadu government.

Our Pride - Preschool & Kindergarten Program, Primary Program

The pre-school years [also known as the Formative Years -birth to 6 years of age] are the years in which the maximum development of the brain takes place. It is during this period that the absorbent mind of the child works like a sponge.

The quality of the environment offered to the child reflects the quality of his absorbent mind. These are also the years to develop a bonding with peers and adults, making friends, enhance vocabulary through stories, rhymes, music and conversations, foster creativity through art & craft, learn through play and enjoy rhythm and movement.
During this period the child is immensely curious, shows a burning desire to learn and understand the world around him/her, and is open, responsive and highly imaginative.

It is this basic characteristic of the child that we encourage and foster at Greenfield Chennai International. We provide a highly enriching, inspiring, stimulating, exciting, safe and enjoyable environment which caters to the development of major domains and skills that enhances the growth of the child.

Our Early Primary & Primary education focuses on basic academic learning and socialization skills, introducing children to the broad range of knowledge, skill and behavioral adjustment they need to succeed in life.

Our Strength- Trained Faculty

Highly dedicated, qualified, loving and caring teachers as guides and facilitators promote the holistic development of the little ones under our care. Teachers are role models imparting values of honesty, truth, being polite and being courteous. We pave the way for the child to become poised, well groomed, confident and independent.

Emphasis on beauty and hygiene in the school and classrooms and the surroundings help instill fine values in students.